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 This is the story of my Life.. in some kind of small, roundabout way.   I can't even really begin to imagine what I will post on this page.  I will have to bring back to mind a lot of memories.  Of course, I hope that there will be lots and lots of new and exciting things to announce and report about too.  So hold on to your hats-- and everything else-- we're about to embark on an remarkable journey!

  • July 11-13- I'm planning to join about a half dozen other guys for a Church Men's Retreat in Abingdon, VA.  Should be fun.  It will include the Creeper Trail (whatever that is).  I've heard that it's going to be a downhill bicycle trip.  Hope it will be fun !

  • Sun Aug 4Muriel Anderson (guitarist) will be performing at a church in Mooresville, NC.  Am planning on a group trip, including some friends and my guitar students.  We have about four or five signed up to go already.  Looking forward to hearing this incredibly gifted musician !

  • Sat Oct 5- My 40th high school Reunion is scheduled for the local restaurant Gritz. Should be good to see my old high school friends and reminisce a bit.

  • Sat Oct 19- Rowan Blues & Jazz Festival in Salisbury. My guitar group is scheduled to perform at this year's event.  Stay tuned for more details at a later time.

  • Oct 25--27- NC Senior Games state basketball tournament being held on the ECU campus in Greenville, NC.  My local team the Rowan Ringers will be competing.  We have won Bronze (3rd) and Silver (2nd) medals in past tournaments.  This year, we will again be "going for the gold."

  • Nov 22- This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination.  A special event commemorating this anniversary is planned in Dallas, Texas.    I would love to go, but presently have no plans to attend.   Last year at this time, my previous company held their business convention in Dallas just a few blocks from Dealey Plaza (the scene of the Kennedy Assassination) but I was unable to go at that time.  Hopefully, one day I will get there.
This was so many years ago, and yet I can almost remember it as if it were yesterday.  I was rushed out of my elementary school, driven home, and then I stayed glued to the TV set for three days straight, watching all of the tragic events of the assassination unfold. 
          I have a complete place on my site devoted to JFK and the 50th Year anniversary of his assassination.   Please go there and check it out.

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